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Prison Family Aid CommunityPrison Family Aid is the most comprehensive community for the loved ones of the incarcerated. Our groups, forums, resources and assistance pages cover all aspects of the prison system.

Our community offers a safe-haven for those who have become involved with the prison system. Most notably, the Prison Family Aid community is a place to share experiences, information, joy and frustrations.

Since it is well known that people in crisis cope better with a network of supportive friends, community support, friendship and acceptance is what we offer. The Prison Family Aid community exists to help answer questions and offer support. Talking and sharing with people who understand your situation can help make the journey a little easier. As a result, people caught up in the system no longer have to feel isolated or excluded.

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The Prison Family Aid community also has groups for family members who face the same emotional and practical issues. Forums exist for husbands & wives, partners, friends, pen-pals, children, parents and siblings. Additionally, there are forums to support families and loved ones facing a prison term and those who were previously incarcerated.

Furthermore, our community provides extensive prison family resources covering every U.S. state. You'll find regional groups and forums with many members familiar with particular institutions and practices. Due to these common experiences, most members find their greatest source of strength and usable assistance within these areas. You will find especially relevant information, given by those who are passing on their knowledge and understanding.

Alongside these fact-based, information sharing forums there is room for a little fun. Members can swap recipes, talk about movies, discuss poetry and find a pen-pal. There is always something new to explore. People come to Prison Family Aid looking for information and assistance. They stay for friendship and support.

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