About Prison Family Aid

About Prison Family Aid

The United States has the highest prison population rate in the world. On any given day, there are 458 men and women in jail or prison for every 100,000 people in the country.

About Prison Family AidWhen a family member is arrested or incarcerated, the spouses, partners, and parents of incarcerated men and women face monumental challenges to maintaining family relationships. It causes extreme strain on the family's well-being. It's a blow to a family's financial standing. Not only is there a loss of income from the incarcerated individual, but there are additional costs such as prison phone calls, visitation, child care and legal fees.

These difficulties often continue as a loved one reenters into society after incarceration.

There are very few local or national resources to provide assistance to these struggling spouses, partners, friends and families.

Prison Family Aid wants to help. We are a social support community for the loved ones of prison inmates. We strive to provide a safe, encouraging space, as well as information and resources to help families of the incarcerated.

About Prison Family Aid’s Community

Our online social community offers a safe haven to share experiences, find and receive assistance, and access resources. Our groups and forums provide a platform where our members can help each other; and our staff works every day to connect members with vital services.

About Prison Family Aid CommunityThe Prison Family Aid Community has groups for people who face the same emotional and practical issues. Forums exist for spouses, partners, friends, children, parents and siblings. Additionally, there are groups to support families and loved ones either entering, enduring, or leaving the prison system.

Similarly, our community includes extensive prison family resources covering every U.S. state. You’ll find regional groups and forms with members familiar with a particular institution’s practices.
Members find a great source of strength and usable assistance within the Community.

Alongside these informational forums there is room for a little fun. Members can swap recipes, blow off a bit of steam, talk about movies, or find a pen-pal. People come to Prison Family Aid looking for information and assistance. They stay for friendship and support.

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