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Join Prison Family Aid, the online support community for spouses, children and friends struggling while a loved one is arrested or incarcerated.

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We're here to serve families with incarcerated loved ones. Find resources, services, assistance, grants for prison families and students, and much, much more.

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By representing thousands of U.S. families, Prison Family Aid compiles a comprehensive catalog of discounts on everyday items and services.


Families are torn apart and held hostage emotionally, financially and spiritually when a loved one is put behind bars. Facing the reality of having a son or daughter, spouse, or loved one imprisoned is often a lonely, painful experience.

At Prison Family Aid, we help one another, share experiences, and provide support and encouragement. Together we find the strength to carry on and build better lives for ourselves and our families.

We share stories, find answers, apply for assistance, and provide information. Our empowered community members are the writers and the readers—and their expertise is from the heart and born from long experience.

Children with Parents in Prison

Prison Family Aid - Founders

We started out about a year ago, after a few of us in Somerville, MA found each other. Until then, we thought we had to face the pain and hardship of having a child or other family member behind bars alone. But we started talking together. We shared our troubles and frustrations. Sometimes we'd just blow off a little steam.

And as we talked, prayed for another other, shared rides, stories and information, we found strength.

Today, we've built a safe place where members across the country can do the same. We hope you'll take advantage of it, and find strength and support.


My 15 year old has been charged as an adult
Hello everyone. I joined this group because I am totally oblivious to everything about the legal system and what is going on. I was unable to afford an attorney so a Public Defender was appointed to him which was a joke. I dont have anyone that I know who has been through this so I was looking for any words of advice or encouragement or testimonials. I am losing it over here. Thanks for listening.


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